Nominating Committee Seeks Candidates for 2017/2018 Chair Positions

Updated: April 20, 2017

Thank you to all that were able to attend the Booster Club Meeting on April 12th to discuss the upcoming Officer Elections for the 2017-2018 School Year.  Many of you requested a list of the Officer positions that will be available for election so we have provided those below as well as the guidelines around qualifications to be nominated.


Nomination Eligibility:

Members who are interested in becoming an officer of the Football Booster Club must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  1. Be a parent or guardian of a current or incoming Cedar Ridge football player, who is or plan to be involved in the Cedar Ridge Football Athletics program.
  2. Be an active member of the Football Booster Club, who is in good standing and actively participates in activities supported by the Football Booster Club. This means nominees must have been a paid member of the Booster Club this past year 2016-2017.
  3. Be willing to serve and abide by the Football Booster Club bylaws if elected


It is highly recommended that all nominees or individuals interested in being nominated review both of the documents below:


For a copy of the Cedar Ridge High School Football Athletic Booster Club Bylaws please visit


For a copy of the Round Rock ISD Booster Club Guidelines please visit


If you are interested in any of the positions outlined below, please contact any one of our Nomination Committee members below:


Eva Price :
Jennifer Womble:
Jennifer McDaniel:
Judy Fisher:
Cassandra Brown:
Wendi Thompson:
Susan Smith:
Marquette Vaughn:
Christie Schoenrock:
Richard Fowler:


The president shall preside at all Football Booster Club Meetings, manage membership activities, work with all Vice Presidents and committee leads, and maintain a line of communication with the Sponsor. The President shall oversee the function of the Football Booster Club. At all meetings of the membership and Executive Committee, the President of the Football Booster Club shall preside. The President may designate an alternate to attend and preside over the meetings in his/her absence, and this alternate, who can be one of the Vice-Presidents or other officer of the Football Booster Club shall preside to satisfy the requirement that the President be present at all meetings. In this instance, the President shall notify, if applicable, the Executive Committee of his/her absence a week prior to the scheduled meeting.



The Vice-President of Fundraising shall assist the President as required and be responsible for all Football Booster Club activities related to the following committees, but not limited to, Fundraising, Merchandise, Sponsorship, and Game Day program/brochure.



The Vice-President of Merchandise shall assist the President as required and be responsible for all Football Booster Club activities related to the following committees, but not limited to, Merchandise, Sponsorship, Membership and Mom101. The role includes working with various vendors to procure merchandise to be sold throughout the year, selling merchandise at all home and some away games, selling merchandise at special events and the banquets, procuring merchandise included with the various booster membership levels sold and procuring items for other special events not listed.



The Vice President of Publicity shall assist the President as required and be responsible for all Football Booster Club activities related to publicity including, but not limited to, Game Day Activities, Media Relations, Philanthropic Involvement, Elementary and Intermediate School Involvement, and coordinating with the Webmaster on updates/information to be posted on the Football Booster Club website.



The Vice President of Events & Special Projects shall assist the President as required and be responsible for Events & Special Projects including, but not limited to, organizing Thursday Varsity Team Meals, Coaches Friday Breakfast and Saturday Lunch, Friday Night Tunnel Dad Crew, Mom 101 Fundraiser, Homecoming and Spirit (locker room decorations) activities, Sub-Varsity &Varsity Banquets.



The Secretary shall record the minutes of all Football Booster Club membership and Executive Committee meetings. The Secretary shall present minutes of the previous Football Booster Club meeting for approval, ensure notification of non-school related members, circulate rosters, and will be responsible for maintaining all non-financial documents for the Football Booster Club including the U.I.L. Guidelines for Boys Sports and Cedar Ridge Athletics Football Booster Club bylaws. The Secretary shall also assist the President with membership activities. The Secretary shall provide meeting minutes to the Cedar Ridge Athletics Football Booster Club webmaster to be posted, after approved, on the website.



The Treasurer shall have custody of all monies in the Football Booster Club’s general operating fund and will sign all of the Football Booster Club checks in addition to the President or one of the Vice-Presidents appointed as a signer on the account. The Treasurer shall present a financial report at each meeting, supervise the collection of all monies due, and present a full written financial report upon the completion of the Fiscal Year (See Article VII) for an independent audit.